Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Script by: Gary Phillips
Illustrated by: Marc Laming
Boom! Studios

The weight of dirty money is extreme;
To clean it takes all our man, Jeff, has got.
These densely inked and colored pages seem
As complex as the dense, absorbing plot.
The baseball metaphor is apt; our man
Is cerebral e'en for this kind of crook.
That's not to say your crime and action fan
Won't find what she is after in this book.
There's chases, punch-outs, one hellacious twist
And this is the first issue! So I'll say,
I'm glad (belatedly) that my pull list
Had this one on it. Oh, and by the way,
It looks fantastic! Darrin Moore, huzzah!
Those colors warm it up, fill me with awe.

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