Monday, August 20, 2012

CHEW #20

CHEW #20
Script by John Layman
Illustratoed by Rob Guillory
Image Comics

No more asemic writing in the sky,
But plenty in the writings, buildings, brains
Of members of a new cult? This is why
I keep on reading Chew: it e'er contains
Such craziness, rewards attention to
Its details (like the Kool Aid!), and yet still
Can balance story arcs with small tales. Who
The leader is, we learn: don't cross her will.
Meanwhile our Tony's former mentor's own
Is diabolical, just like the man
Whom we find going nuts again, alone
And tripping on some case-blood. There's a man
Whom we can fear: a cyborg gourmand. Yet,
Whatever did he see? I cannot bet.

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