Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Script by: Brandon Seifert
Illustrated by: Luka Ketner
Image Comics

How can such beauty be so freaking sick?
"The Patient from the Black Lagoon" is slabbed
(And gorgeous). Penny wants to do her trick
(She likes to eat those monsters) -- have I grabbed
Your fancy yet? Well, it's a Deep One, too!
Straight out of Lovecraft! Watch our Doctor get
All nerdy on the subject, crying "Ooh
His lungs are gone!" The chance for to dissect
A magic benthic dweller -- would you not
Geek out just like he did? Is it his fault
Things turn out badly? Poor wee Penny's got
So peckish... fetch some vampires from the vault!
Meanwhile, Cthulhu's tapeworms! History
Has ne'er been told so well, if  you ask me.

Sonneteer's note: "Cthulu's Tapeworms" is totally my new all-purpose epithet and swear word.

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