Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Script by: Joshua Williamson
Illustrated by: Seth Damoose
Image Comics

Crap circles -- and that's not a typo -- in
Times Square! For just this reason if no more
This comic's gold! Its characters have been
Abductees many times, they claim. What for,
Just like the aliens, doth vary from
Account to mad account. What these folks want
Is more than just belief, though. They've succumbed
To alien addiction, and they flaunt
Their problems in crazed meetings, like A.A.
Cartooniness abounds. They've read their Chew,
These guys, and that's no bad thing, I would say,
But I'm not sure this premise, carried through
A series, has the story legs it needs.
The characters will tell, as this proceeds.

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