Thursday, August 16, 2012


Casanova: Avaritia I
Script by Matt Fraction
Art by Gabriel Ba
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God damn it, I think I just went insane.
I feel that way each time I enter this
Deranging journey through brane after brane.
Will Casanova kill or will he kiss
The woman in the buggy/carplane seat?
And will he ever manage to repair
The damage caused by his abduction? Neat!
Insanity? O brother, can you spare
A neuron? Because mine have all blown out.
One page has sixteen universes. Yes.
Collect them all, then pause, and then just shout
"O Fraction, Ba, this is one great hot mess!"
"When did all this turn out to be my fault?"
I'm glad I have this crazy for my vault.

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