Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scott Sigler & Chad Minshew's INFECTED #1

Original novel by Scott Sigler
Script by Scott Sigler & Chad Minshew
Art & Cover by Chad Minshew

Blue triangles have haunted me before
They're subtle in this debut issue, though,
Subdued like all the colors. I adore
The tangramatic panels when doth blow
An early victim's house (by his design).
The characters look great, especially
The Dawson, just like he was in my mind.
One thing I didn't like too much to see
Was lots of caption exposition, which
This publisher allows too much. It's not
Real necessary either, is the bitch
The art conveys what's going on just fine
We don't need all the novel, line by line.


  1. Official request: I hope you do 'Revival' - rural zombie noir over at Image.

  2. Not a sonnet, but
    two by two, hands of blue is
    all I can think of.

  3. Lara - Revival is on the list.

    EssJay -- Haikulicious! And not too far wide of the mark. And yet... and yet... 8)