Saturday, August 11, 2012

John Layman & Rob Guillory's CHEW: SECRET AGENT POYO

Script by John Layman
Illustrated by Rob Guillory
Image Comics

Oh lord, bionic roosters! But if there's
A rooster worth preserving, that would be
The King of Cocks himself, whose very stares
Send armies crying to their mommas. He
Was busy taking over Hell when they
(The government) called him back for to serve
The national interest. Shall they rue the day?
But only Poyo, rage and hate and nerve
Can deal with poor Old Blighty's rain of sheep
(And terror)! How they must have laughed, this pair,
Guillory, Layman. We must surely keep
The pressure on for more of this. I'll share
This with you: I'll be counting all the days
'Til Deep Space Poyo hits the stands. Always!

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