Monday, August 13, 2012


Frankenstein, Alive, Alive! #1
Script by Steve Niles
Illustrated by Bernie Wrightson
IDW Comics

O Wrightson! More than anyone, you bring
Belief this Monster's made from dead men's flesh.
A noseless face, a tireless pace, this thing
Indicts all his creators now afresh
From his place in a circus sideshow, as
He flashes back to life after the man
Who made him quite disowned him. No one has
A conscience who creates, it seems, no plan,
Then frightened by autonomy, and yet:
Just look into those heavy-lidded eyes.
The years have brought compassion, I would bet,
As I'd expect when scripted by Steve Niles.
Whatever. I just I want to know how he
Survived volcano's fires to bring me glee!

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