Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gilbert Hernandez' FATIMA #1

Written & Illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez
Dark Horse Comics

What shambling metaphors these zombies are,
Such mindless need. But hey, that could be us.
So says that brightly shining comics star
Of all that wondrous Love & Rockets fuss.
This time a drug's responsible, addicts
Then kills and zombifies the taker, woes!
It's up to one tall supermodel chick
With perfect aim in that spine-spapping pose
To hunt them down, I guess? Though, to be fair
Small bands of Just Say No types roam the streets
A-trashing those for whom they just don't care --
Who cares? They're prob'ly zombies. Watch the feats
Of narcs in string bikinis and of our
Fatima show the meaning of girl pow'r.


  1. The world isn't ready for this, Kate...though we should have seen it coming. What's next, comics that are themselves written in iambic pentameter? Does the madness never end!? ;)

    I like it, Kate. I look forward to more.

    1. That almost sounds like a challenge, Travis... I will take it under advisement. And thank you!

  2. YAY! I love it, excellent first entry!

    1. Thank you, O Queenie of Pop. I ask you, why do supermodels always get the breaks, even in the zombie apocalypse?????

  3. LOL. Love this. I will plug.

    I see a sequel to Suppertime Sonnets on amazon in the future! Hope you take on Etrigan, who is one of my favs.

  4. Elite rhymer daemons.... :)

    One of the best comics ever published imho is Swamp Thing 50, in which Etrigan is quizzed on the meaning of existence.

    Just passed the link for this blog on to the Institute for sequential art editor.

    The world needs more comics reviews in sonnet form.