Friday, August 10, 2012

Ted McKeever's MONDO #1

Created, Written and Illustrated by Ted McKeever
Image Comics

McKeever fangirl, I drop all to get
Each book the master cares e'er to produce.
For weirdass comics, he's your safest bet.
But this may be the strangest e'er to sluice
From his demented brain: a humble man,
A psycho chicken, a reactor core
(The radiation, when it works to plan,
Makes poultry supersized) add up to more
Mutated fun than I can here describe,
And I've not gotten to the damsel, who,
Pneumatic death on roller skates, shall be
The foil or foe of Chicken-Man. Cuckoo?
Why yes, all done in Ted's signature style.
I've caught his madness; all I do is smile.

Sonneteer's note: I got the chance to interview Ted McKeever for Indie Pulp last year. Go check out the results!

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