Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Script by David Lapham
Illustrated by Rafael Ortiz
Avatar Press

The Dude abides; Dan takes that further yet.
He can't be hurt or bothered any way.
The beatings he can take? Worst those can get!
Like unto superheroes, one might say.
But Dan here likes it seedy, just wants slack,
And woe to those who bring him to the end
Of patience. Looks like Zappa, takes no flak,
Has learned how to make do with just one friend,
A toothbrush and some Melvins. Avatar,
You've got me hooked on wrong again, you sick
And lovely bastards. Comics crusty, far
Too smelly, violent and simply thick
With awesome. Lapham's got another hit.
And as for Ortiz, he is just the *spit*.

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